Renovating the bathroom

Here’s a short video with pictures of the renovation process that was done to the bathroom aboard Seadog in December 2018.

You can watch the video on YouTube here:

Building the custom marine fridge

In this short video the building process for the custom marine fridge aboard Seadog is shown. The Isotherm 3251 ASU SP package was used as the refrigeration system. For insulation material a two-component PU foam was used, together with plywood and 4 layers of epoxy for the finishing layers.

You can watch the video on YouTube here:

Prepping the second mast and the navigation equipment (testing out very old radar)

Work on the fridge / freezer box is still underway, but a second project has also started this past month. The mizzen (second) mast has been lying in wait for almost 2 years, and the time has finally come to prepare it for painting. Also all the navigation equipment needs to be in order so those can be mounted on this mast. The mast has now been sanded and the first layers of paint (primer and first layer coat) have been applied. The temperature plummeted way blow zero (see pictures of the Seadog in the ice below this post), so painting has come to a hold. But with a little luck we can start painting again next week.

I was lucky enough to get a free (be it, rather old) radar system from a friend of my dad. After some due consideration I decided that if it worked I would install it on the mizzen and not bother buying a new (and very expensive) radar system for now. And lo and behold, after some tinkering and even a little guess-work with the wiring, it seems the system is still operational.


Seadog in the ice….