A washing machine aboard the Seadog

A washing machine is a luxury item and thus not a “must have” onboard a sailing vessel.
Most people just take it for granted at home, but aboard it’s definitely not standard.
Despite that fact, to make life as easy as possible I decided that the Seadog could have one.
I already had the perfect spot figured out. Only problem was that it really needed to be an extremely small machine to fit it in there.
If I could get a machine with the right dimensions, then it should fit inside the bathroom, replacing the laundry basket.
Dirty laundry could then be put directly in the washing machine and when it’s time to wash, just add detergent and startup the machine.
Well, after some research I found the perfect fit. This machine does it all. It washes, it dries the cloths, has multiple programs, and has the door on top of the machine. Only 180 euro,- and exactly what I needed.
The bathroom did need some minor remodelling and a sturdy wooden frame to support the machine, but in one day after receiving the machine it was ready to spin.
Drying your cloths aboard a boat can be petty tricky because of the fact that if they drop they might fall into the water, sink, and drown.
So I also ordered some special stainless steel clothes pins that are perfect to hang cloths on the guard rail of a boat. Check out all the photo’s below.