Finishing the main cabin and the bowsprit

Back in August some final touches to the bowsprit and the main cabin where done.
Mainly, the air vents where permanently placed on top of the cabin and some small paint touch ups.
The beams that supports the bowsprit also still needed some layers of paint before the bowsprit could go into position.
Plus, the walking boards that go on top of the bowsprit also needed to be replaced.
Many thanks to my dad for helping, because placing and mounting the bowsprit would have been impossible on my own.
When the bowsprit was in position we still had to drill an enormously long hole into the beams and bowsprit to fix it in position with a stainless steel bolt. Luckily my dad had the tools to get the job done. After that the stainless steel cables could be hooked up, to fix the bowsprit further into position. The last step was placing the walking boards including the guard rail onto the bowsprit and bolting the whole thing down.