Into the fire you go!

Well there’s no turning back now, the Seadog will be getting a set of new (second-hand) aluminium masts. As you can see in the pictures below the old wooden mast where in pretty bad shape and even though they could have easily been repaired, it would have taken a lot of work and will always have needed extra maintenance.
So we borrowed the chainsaw from my dad and chopped the two masts into small pieces for easy transport. This new form factor also makes the wood perfect for it’s next function, which will be firewood!
A friend of mine (Bart) was nice enough to help out, and his parents could use the extra firewood for the coming winter. So we loaded up their car and resupplied their firewood pile.
Back in Juli I did actually already found and purchased a very cheap second-hand (relatively small) aluminium mast which can be used as the (mizzen) aftermast at the back of the boat. But I am still searching for a good mainmast so if anyone knows of a place to get a second-hand aluminium mast of approximately 12-14 meters please let me know!