The devil is in the details

Back in October I finally had some time for the smaller tasks that I wanted to do. The garbage can in the galley was always standing in my way, and that garbage can was also meant as a temporary solution because I wanted to build a new garbage can in the galley somewhere. I decided the best place would be under the entrance so I went to work. First there needed to be a little platform for the garbage can to stand on, because the floor is not flat on this point of the boat. On the upside this means that I can also store stuff under the garbage can, so works out even better. With some extra plywood that was lying around I then created my own personal custom garbage can to place on that platform. It still needs some sanding and paint to make it beautiful as well as practical, but for now it works perfectly on that spot and the capacity of the garbage can has now also increased by a factor of two. So all in all, a very good improvement.
Next, there has always been a space beside the galley that was not accessible because they made it so that the bottom of that space could be flat. So I thought I might break out some of the wood on the side of that space so I could maybe store my shoes there, which where also always standing in my way. Turns out that space was perfect for storing ones shoes, so happy me!
After a little cleaning and sanding I decided to paint that space with some of the white paint I had lying around to make it look a little cleaner.
Another thing that needed to be for a while was fixing the lock of the entrance doors and making it so that the hatch and doors of the entrance could be closed nicely. Problem was the doors were switched (on purpose) when rebuilding the cabin. This needed to be done because the whole entrance was placed from the right side of the boat to the left side. But that meant the lock was the other way around now as well. Luckily with these old locks you have the option of switching the doorpin, so after some pealing around that actually worked quite easily. I wanted to keep this old luck because I want to polish it up like all the other brass on the boat and make it shine like new. But that task will have to wait because winter was coming and it was time to start another big task. More about that in the next update.