Removing the tarp

Yes, it finally happened! The tarp has been removed and the Seadog is shining in the sun. And I seriously mean shining in the sun (see the photo’s).
Next up, I will need to do some small repairs and preparations so that the bowsprit can be permanently placed on the bow of the ship. The bowsprit is now temporarily stored on the cabin roof together with the kayak. Very happy with that kayak right now. See my previous post about my latest kayak trip here:
Also some minor tasks still need to be done to make sure everything is completely watertight and safe. For example the roof window and entrance of the cabin might still leak with extreme rainfall.
After the bowsprit has been permanently placed I will have to add some anti slip to the deck beside the cabin as well, because if those parts of the deck get’s wet it’s dangerously slippery.
And of course the next big project will be to get a running engine, so the Seadog can head to open water!
But for now another big milestone has been achieved..