Fixing some nasty leakage

Back in September I already posted the short video of the work that was done to fix some nasty leakage that was creeping in from the side and top (deck) of the boat. Because this meant I had to totally dismantle and remove the bed from its place this also meant I could redesign and clean things up around (and under) there.
This whole project took almost two weeks to finished which meant I had to sleep on the couch for a while, but it was certainly worth it!
I also had a small vacation in those weeks for a few days while helping my parents sail their new boat to their new home, so I did have some leisure time in there as well.
If you want to see my parents new boat check out this post:

Vacation time aboard a “Wadder”

And to see the full story about the leakage check out the video and the pictures below: