Trip to The River Orwell / Harwich – UK

On 8 May the Seadog and crew headed out for the first big trip to the UK. The first stop was Amsterdam to calibrate the birthday of my sister on board in Amsterdam Marina. The next day we first had to do some more preparations, then headed off to the seaport of Ijmuiden. Along the way to Ijmuiden we had to help tow a boat with engine troubles. Turns out a few days later we would also need to be towed into Harwich – UK with engine troubles of our own.
Below some pictures and video clips of the journey from Huizen to Amsterdam, then from Amsterdam to Ijmuiden and from Ijmuiden to Harwich. We started with a crew of three, but are now still in Harwich trying to fix the engine troubles and one of the crew had to head back to NL. All things considering we’re actually having a very good time. The weather has been nice and will stay nice for the coming days. But we’re also really looking forward to the journey home. More about that in the next blog post.

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