Kayak trip to Elburg (NL)

Every year in the weekend of Pentecost (White Sunday) our family has the tradition to go camping near Elburg (NL). After being incredibly busy with preparing the Seadog so that the tarp could be removed, plus moving all my belongings aboard (most of which where still stored at my parents house and in their shed) now I finally had some time to relax.
One of the items that is now aboard the Seadog is the kayak. I had purchased this kayak about two years ago, but had only used it ones, or twice and after that is was stored behind the shed. This thing was to big to store aboard back then, because much of the restoration work still needed to be done. But now that most of the outer work is finished the kayak can be stored on top of the cabin.
This makes it very easy to just grab the kayak and go peddling whenever I feel like it. And that is exactly what I did a few days before the Pentecost weekend. It was such a nice feeling to be on the water again and peddling in a kayak, that I decided I could just go peddling to Elburg for the upcoming Pentecost weekend. So I made some preparations and scheduled the time to do it. I calculated it would take about 3 days peddling to get there, and 3 days to return, plus the 1-2 days to stay and recover from the journey.
After scheduling some free days from work and preparing the gear I was ready to start the journey on the 11e of May. It was extremely good weather for the first 3 days and I only had to wear swimming trousers, although it was kind of tough to pedal against the wind. And for some reason I had headwind almost every day.
The journey back I did had some rain showers and very low temperatures (especially at night), but even with the bad weather it was still a lot of fun. It really felt like being one with the elements and nature and I will definitely be doing this more often. And when I leave the Netherlands to sail around the world, this kayak is definitely going along.