The maiden voyage!

It finally happened, the Seadog made here first real maiden voyage!
And the weather gods were certainly working in our favour on this most auspicious day. The moment we left the harbour the sun started shining and kept it up the rest of the day, even though the weather forecasts were pretty bad.

The engine was still running a little hot, but after lying at anchor for an hour and flushing the engine cooling chambers one last time with some more cleaner all seemed OK.
We then changed our course to the nearest island and the engine seemed to perform superb.
Even when running the engine at very low RPM, Seadog slices trough the water like a knife through butter, with considerable speed.
Don’t believe me? Check out the video clip below.
The next projects will include installing solar panels, battery banks, an inverter and building a custom fridge, so longer voyages are possible without losing all those luxuries.