Ice, rain and snow

As you can see there were some snowy days here in the Netherlands. But nevertheless work continued aboard the Seadog.
On the starboard side some of the holes that were made to access the through hull bolts were patched up.  And this time two hose connectors were laminated at starboard and port side at the back of the ship to allow excess rainwater to flow out of that hallow space in the top of the hull. Which are connected right into the drainage pipes underneath the waterline. Also all hoses aboard the entire ship have now have been replaced by new hoses with  stainless steel hose clamps. Plus, the storage lockers at the back of the ship finally got there much-needed cleanup as well.

The building of the custom fridge / freezer has not  halted, but only had some minor progress in favour of the above tasks. All the needed supplies are now aboard, so hopefully more on this subject in the next post.


Bed, fridge and live aboard

Somehow rainwater is still leaking from somewhere above deck along the hull next to the bed inside the cabin (and onto the mattress). So back in March some minor tasks were done along the inside of the hull to prevent any leaking water from touching the mattress.

When that was sorted out, work was started on the next project; A build-in fridge. The plan is to build this fridge inside the kitchen counter. On purpose I already had saved up some space underneath the kitchen counter, next tot the stairs. This cabinet couldn’t be used anymore because the stairs now block the door, so it’s perfect to create a top opening hatch to access a build-in fridge. The cabinet perviously had the old paraffine tank (that was used for cooking on the paraffin stove) in there, and also had some leaking problems. So that’s way it so tremendously filthy in there. But after the new fridge box is created, insulated and installed I plan to clean everything down there and give it a nice new coat of white paint.

Some other minor updates about the life aboard the Seadog are a few new additions to the equipment aboard. Mainly some new handy dandy hanging fruit baskets, and two beautiful nautical folding chairs.
Also a lot of work has been done with the 12 volt DC, 230v AC electric systems and navigation equipment, plus the solar panels are ordered and will arrive in a few weeks, but more on that in upcoming posts.

Seadog in ice and snow (last touches to guard rail and engine dashboard)

Here a quick update with the things that were done in the beginning of February.
First, we had some more snow and ice, but most of the winter weather seems to be over for now. Some projects were only half-finished due to these weather conditions and could now be continued.

The starboard side of the guard rail is now also placed onto the deck, which means the whole guard rail from stern to bow is now back in place.
Also bought myself a new tool bag to keep all the tools more organised and keep all the tool in a compact enclosure, which worked out very well.

Then it was time to make the engine dashboard entirely waterproof by placing a plexiglass sheet in front of it. With this configuration the keys for starting the engine could not go into the keyhole anymore, so some modification needed to be made.

Now that I’m renting a storage box for all the stuff that could not fit onto the boat anymore, I just packed all the stuff I didn’t need right away (which turned out to be a whole lot) and decided to bring everything to that storage unit. The result is a much roomier and cleaner living space inside the Seadog.