First days in the home harbor

In the home harbor the masts were taken off and stored on land. After that was done we lay the ship into its new place in the harbour (with some help of our friends).

Sailing to the home harbor

From August 6, till the August 8 we went from Dinteloort (Holland) to Huizen (Holland). First two days together with my father. Last day we went alone. There was some serious engine trouble along the way and the masts almost crashed from the ship into the water (hard winds and high waves), but all in all we had a great time!

Ship goes into the water

On August 6, the ship went into the water and we started the engine for the first time. We also removed the masts so we can work on them in our home port.

First days working on the schip

The hull of the ship was perfectly intact, so we repainted the hull with antifouling, brushed her off a little and did some minor repairs with polyester filler