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Seadog cruising to the setting Sun
Seadog cruising to the setting Sun

On this blog you will (hopefully) find useful tips, ticks and stories about living on, and restoring an old sailboat. This is a blog about the life and adventures aboard the Seadog. As I plans to sail around the world with this beautiful ship, some much-needed repairs and additions will first need to be made.

When I started this blog back in July 2011, it’s main focus was to document the restoration of the Seadog. She was in pretty bad shape back then, but now that most of the hard work is finished, she is almost ready to sail the Seven Seas once more.

The blog is set up in six distinct sections (as described below).
These different sections can be accessed in the navigation bar at the top of the website.

“About Seadog”: historical and technical information about Seadog
“Restoration”: the restoration work that has been done to Seadog
“Living aboard”: stories about the life and adventures aboard Seadog
“Tips and tricks”: Tips and tricks about living and restoring an old sailboat
“Photo’s”: Photo galleries of all the above
“World map”: Current location of Seadog, plus navigation plans for future travels

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Happy reading and fair winds and following seas…

Seadog at sea with the setting Sun
Seadog at sea with the setting Sun