Restoration of the cockpit

While waiting for the necessary parts to be delivered to finish the motor revision I decided to start further restoration of the cockpit. For some time now it was apparent that rainwater was leaking from somewhere around the cockpit. I had an idea of where this leak might be, so got out the multitool, hammer and chisel and started hacking away. Lo and behold behind the first few layers of dry wood there was more than a full trash bag of rotten wood. There even was a puddle of water lying around there behind the wood, so it was definitely time for some restoration work.
After most of the rotten wood was removed and the rest of the wood was well and dry, it was time for some layers of epoxy, together with some new pieces of wood here and there. When everything was filled up and watertight the first layer of two component primer was applied, were after 4 more layers of two component white paint finished the job. Of course some caulk was also applied to make all the seams watertight.
After that the teak boards on top were sanded, cleaned and set in teak oil for a beautiful finish. As always the whole process took much more time than was expected, but the end result was satisfying none the less.