Last (big) varnishing project

Back in January I finally finished the work on all the hatches of the boat. One hatch still needed some repairs, but the others where already prepared for varnishing a few month before. So after re-caulking that one hatch and degreasing all the wood it was time to get the varnish back out of storage. Because it was still much to cold outside, the hatches were transported to my parents house where I could work more easily in the attic.
After applying 3 layers of specialised teak sealing varnish and another 5-8 layers (depending on the cracks in the wood) of extra uv-protecting two component varnish these hatches are well protected for the coming years and will only need some new maintenance layers now and then.
Because the varnish needed to be sanded between each additional two layers of varnish this project took a while, but then end result is very satisfying. The brass hinges on the hatches of the cabin where cleaned up and polished to give it that finishing touch.
Practically all the surfaces on the outside of the boat are now either vanished or painted (and coated with epoxy) in more than 8+ layers which means there is no reason to keep that tarp over the boat anymore.
Well actually there are still some minor (plus one big) things to do, but more on that in the next post. But one thing is for sure, this summer (or maybe even this spring) the Seadog will finally sail again!