Adding of the hand rails and vanishing of the outside teak

In the end of July and beginning of August when the weather was still hot and sunny all the teak that was not yet varnished was finally sanded and was treated with 6 layers of 2 component sealing varnish for teak. After those 6 layers another 2 layers of extra UV-filtering varnish was applied for the finishing touch. Because one needs to sand between the layers that are applied the whole endeavour took (even with some help of my father) more than two weeks. But one the upside after all this work, applying more layers in the future (about 2 layers a year) will seem only a minor task compared to this.
The teak hand rails where now also finally placed back onto the cabin roof and treated with the same varnish layering.
As one can see in the photo’s the handrails, the cabin ceiling window, the entrance and side beams of the cabin are now truly looking as new. The next step will be to also sand and varnish the hatches of the entrance, the cabin window and the hatch on the bow, but those will first need to be repaired and will then be varnished in the wintertime.