Portholes placement

Back in June I decided that it was finally time to permanently place all the new portholes in the side of the cabin. I kept on postponing this task because I was not sure how to go about it. The cabin wall was thicker then the brass portholes, so that created a problem.
I finally decided I would just use some more caulk between the portholes and the porthole rings on the outside of the wall. As I excepted things got a very messy, but with some aceton and cotton cloths for the finishing touch the end result was better then I had hoped.
Also the glass of one of the two bigger portholes was broken and needed a replacement glass. Luckily my father found a round glass plate somewhere at a second hand boat shop that had the exact measurements that where needed for those portholes for only 5 euro a piece!
This was also a good time to clean and polish those two old big porthole so the caulk would adhere better and also to make them shine as new.