Painting the side of the deck

Epifanes Poly-urethane 2-component DD high gloss

Finished result
Finished result

After the cabin was fully painted, it was time for the sides of the deck to get its layers of paint. First the teak lit on the side of the deck needed to be repaired. There where holes underneath the lid where water could get in and of course that’s no good. So after some work with the multitool those holes under the lit could be sealed with caulk very nicely. The 10MM carbide rasp for the Fein Multimaster was used to open and clean the holes under the lit, so the caulk could easily applied and also would adhere to the polyester and teak better. After a few days the excess caulk could also be easily removed with the profile sanding set accessory for the Fein Multimaster. The right tools really make all the difference. After decreasing the deck the painting job could finally begin.

Sailing trip to England… Uhhh Belgium…

Way back in April/May I was lucky enough to once again join the crew aboard the Phoosticks. This week I finally had the time to gather and select the photo’s that were taken in that trip. So be sure to check them out below.
Like every year the destination was England but alas, the weather was not in our favour so we didn’t cross the English Channel. That certainly did not mean we didn’t have a great time tough. We altered our route to sail along the Belgium cost. Which turned out to be a very good idea, because that meant we had perfect sailing conditions (most of the time).
All in all, we had a lot of sun and great winds. Once again a very nice experience, check out the photo’s to see what I mean.