Building your own dish wash rack

I decided it was time for little side project. When doing the dishes I always find myself with the problem of where to easily put the wet plates and other big items. Usually I try to put them behind the faucet, but most of the time that ends up being a big mistake because the plates come falling down into the sink and then I can wash them all over again. Pretty frustrating stuff, so I had enough of that nonsense.
Somewhere in a YouTube video I saw a person who had made a special kind of dish wash drip contraption above his zink and found that so convenient that I wanted one as well. This would also have the benefit of no more manually drying the dishes. Just put them above the zink and let them drip. Super lazy I know. But also super handy.
So it was time to design one custom-made for the Seadog. I first put some effort in getting the design right so that the least amount of space was needed, for the most amount of storage. In the final product no space was wasted at all, because on top of this contraption one can put other stuff as well (in my case a small Jerry can with water). All in all, it worked out beautifully and every time I use it I can’t get over the fact that something so simple can make such a big difference.