A teak deck is a lot of pain

The teak deck was in a really bad shape, so the time came to do a complete teak deck restoration. It’s a real pain the get the old caulk (rubber) out of the deck, but with the right tools it’s a lot easier. After first starting with a screwdriver and hammer, then going to Stanley knives and the sorts, we did find a special kind of multitool extension that is special design for this kind of work and I must say that it does a fine (pun intended) job. The original (and to my opinion the best) brand that makes this type of tool is FEIN MultiMaster, with the special accessory which they call the “Cutter blade” (see: http://www.feinus.com/en_us/multimaster/accessories/cutting/cutter-blade-order-no-6-39-03-200-01-7/).
After the teak deck at the back of the ship was finally completely restored the tarp that was keeping the rain (but also the sun) from the back of the ship could be removed. It was a really good feeling, to finally be able to sit in the sunshine on deck of the Seadog for the first time since 2 years.