Going with the current

We didn’t really trust the existing (very old) electric cables that where still in the boat so we decided it was time to replace the whole electric system. We started with the 230v AC system and the 12 volt DC system will follow later.

Installing a new diesel heater

We decided to replace the old diesel heater that came with the boat. After a long search we found the beautiful Refleks diesel heaters that are sold by Rietpol (Holland). Rietpol is a shipyard which was established in 1936 in the old village Spaarndam in The Netherlands. They import these heaters from Denmark and then customise them for example with a little window, radiator coil or a cook plate.
We only went to the shipyard for some information about the choices there where, but left the same day with a secondhand heater that the they had overhauled. Still left a hole in our budget, but is was a good investment nonetheless.