Cleanin’ out the old dog

This weekend we decided that it was time to clean out the Seadog. It was to cold to do epoxy work (winter is coming). Luckily Justin had a week off the week before, so he had time to paint the cabin with two layers of epoxy. So Seadog already has it’s (waterproof) jacket on for the coming winter.

Finnishing the cabin

Last weekend we started to prepare the cabin so that we can put on the epoxy. We hoped that we would be able to finish these preparations last weekend but we didn’t make it. So next weekend we’ll also have to work on it. We hope there will be a few more warm weekends, before winter sets in.

Finnishing the roof of the cabin

Last week and this weekend we did a lot. We removed the frame of the old roof and started rebuilding the roof. We might be able to close the cabin today. Lets hope so cause winter is coming. After this weekend it would be nice if we had a few more weekends with good weather so that we can epoxy the whole cabin with a few layers and also start painting the whole thing.